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Lucas Kastrup Rehen

was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1980. He holds a Bachelors in Social Sciences from UERJ where he participated from 1999 to 2001 in the Project for Scientific Initiatives entitled, “The Act of Presentation: Communication, Culture and Interaction,” for which he investigated the implicit logic in material exchanges between middle class youth and the emotions aroused in these situations. He later joined the Project called MusikFabrik, in which he researched and developed the production of different musical instruments originating from different cultural contexts and relating musical and cultural languages. He began his research into psychoactive substances with his senior thesis called “Rastafari Pilgrimage: An Anthropological Perspective on the Congo Nya Foundation in Brazil” (“Peregrinação Rastafari: uma perspectiva antropológica sobre a Fundação Congo Nya no Brasil”). In this work he looked at symbolic space in the Jamaican religious philosophy and laid ground for future researchers of this topic. To introduce the topic, he treated the cosmology and the history of the Rastafari religious movement and then developed an ethnography based on participant observation and interviews done with a nomadic Rastafari group from the Guianas traveling through Brazil with the missionary goal of propagating their culture. In 2005 he obtained his Masters in Social Sciences from UERJ, where he participated in the research initiative Perspectives on Subjectivity and developed a project on the relationship between body, emotion and music in the religious phenomenon of Santo Daime, more specifically in the Igreja Céu do Mar – RJ, the first Daime church outside of the Amazon.

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Rehen, Lucas Kastrup. Os hinos são presentes: algumas considerações sobre a oferta de cânticos no Santo Daime. Núcleo de Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre Psicoativos - NEIP, 2007.

Rehen, Lucas Kastrup. Peregrinação Rastafari: uma perspectiva antropológica sobre a Fundação Congo Nya no Brasil. Monografia de conclusão do curso de Graduação em Ciências Sociais, UERJ, 2004.

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