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Ana Flávia Nogueira Nascimento

was born in Uberlândia (MG) in 1979. She obtained her degree in psychology from the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, and she has a clinical practice as a body therapist working with massage therapy, chromotherapy and reflexology. She received her Masters in Social Anthropology from the Pontifícia Universidade de Católica de São Paulo, where she researched the project, “Psychedelic Festivals in the Planetary Era” ("Festivais Psicodélicos na Era Planetária"), whose aim was to understand the psychedelic trance festivals as rituals of trance in the contemporary and looking to make explicit the relationship between music, dance and psychoactive substance use as means to reach altered states of consciousness. The central hypothesis of the research is that the ‘Psychedelic Trance Festivals’ that are taking place in Brazil and the world are ritual manifestations that integrate the archaic techniques of ecstasy – music, dance and the use of psychoactive substances – with new technologies, and that these manifestations express a need of today’s youth.

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