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Clara Novaes

was born in Brazil in 1982, and currently lives in France. She graduated in psychology in 2004 from the public university UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista, Assis – SP). In 2002 she began a research project (financed by CNPQ/Pibic) focused on the encounter of the literature of Henry Miller and the concept of the unconscious in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. The reading of these French authors instigated Clara Novaes in 2004 to pursue an internship in La Borde, a psychiatric clinic founded by Jean Oury, where Félix Guattari worked during his entire career. Based on the principles of institutional analysis and institutional psychotherapy, this clinic created a unique way of organizing everyday life in order to cure psychotic persons. In 2006 she successfully completed a Research Master's at the same university with a dissertation entitled « L'expérience de l'ayahuasca et ses états modifiés de la conscience. Une étude transculturelle des récits des usagers urbains de l'ayahuasca. Une lecture à travers le concept de l'inconscient de Gilles Deleuze ». Working in La Borde since December 2006, Clara Novaes combines her clinical work with people suffering from psychosis and her interest in the productions of subjectivity linked to drug use and abuse. At present she's developing a doctoral thesis at the University Paris XIII on the history of theories in psychopathology concerning drug addictions and on the historical construction of contemporary discourses about drugs. This investigation attempts to link epistemology and clinical practice.

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NOVAES, C. O conceito de inconsciente no pensamento de Gilles Deleuze e Félix Guattari e a sua relação com a literatura de Henry Miller. In: CARDOSO, Hélio (org). Inconsciente-multiplicidade. São Paulo. Editora Unesp, 2008, p. 47-81.

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NOVAES, C. L’expérience de l’ayahuasca et ses « états modifiés de conscience. Une étude transculturelle des récits des usagers urbains de l'ayahuasca. Une lecture à travers le concept de l'inconscient selon Gilles Deleuze. Master Recherche Psychanalyse, Psychopathologie et Clinique Transculturelle, Université Paris 13, 2006.

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